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Rematek quality commitment

Continuous improvement on the quality of the product and the service to the customer

Rematek's fixtures are made from the best quality hardware on the market and have unique design characteristics. Every fixture component is selected for its high level of quality, accuracy, efficiency and durability. We offers several brands of high quality probes who ensures the accuracy that you expect in a field like the electronic test industry. Of course, all material used in our test fixtures is ESD compliant.

Through the years, Rematek has perfected the art of making quality test fixtures by improving and automating, as much as possible, every single phase of the manufacturing process. This ensures a trouble-free product that can be used upon delivery to the customer. Equipment and software tools used to assist with the manufacturing processes includes: Software assisted semi-automatic wire wrap machine, software assisted 100% error-free fixture wiring tester, board stress analysis software (FEA), strain gages, PCB inspection microscope and real time production monitoring software.

Just before shipment, a global final inspection is done by a quality inspector to ensure that everything is perfect before shipping. Inspection includes:

  • Design revision
  • Electric test
  • Microscope examination of probe accuracy (pointing of witness marks)
  • Graphical probe travel report
  • Strain gage measurements and reports (optional)

Microscope examination of probe accuracy Excerpt of a graphical probe travel report

Examples of inspection points

Rematek is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. The company is audited annually by a third party to certify that we are in strict conformance with the requirements imposed by the ISO 9001:2015 standard. The following quality policy is displayed in various places in the company and reminds employees that quality is a team effort. Every employee contributes to reaching the "total quality" goal and the mean to get to it.

Rematek quality policy

Improve our products, services and quality system to meet customer requirements in a timely manner.

Management commitment

Management maintains its commitment to implement and maintain the Rematek quality system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. A quality system based on the principles of customer satisfaction, a desire to stay a pioneer and leader in the designing and the manufacturing of test fixtures and control and continuous improvement of its processes.

Rematek management is committed to devoting the necessary resources to pursue continuous quality improvement and also, supports and participates to collective efforts initiated by the quality management staff.

Quality policy displayed in the lobby Quality policy displayed in the meeting room

Various places where the quality policy is displayed inside the enterprise

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