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Company profile of Rematek - a leading test fixture manufacturer

Rematek at a glance

Founded in 1994 by two experts working in the electronic test field for more than 15 years, Rematek has rapidly acquired an enviable reputation in the manufacturing of test fixture. On time delivery of quality test fixtures is what has made Rematek successful through the years. And to achieve that, Rematek has developed a unique in-house process that is almost 100% automated. It includes customized software for each process in fixture production:

  • CAD engineering and design
  • CNC drilling
  • CNC mold manufacturing
  • Semi-automatic wire wrapping
  • 100% error free electronic testing of fixture
  • Real time tracking production activities system

Rematek is an ISO 9001:2015 registered company. Every manufacturing step is fully documented and keep up to date by a system of document control with controlled copies. Every employee is also trained and keep up to date at all time so they can use the documentation properly.

Rematek's main plant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Rematek's main plant in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Research and development

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Rematek is constantly developing and evaluating new products. Whether it's a new revolutionary product or a new process, Rematek is always finding ways to be a leader in the test fixture industry. This is a list of some products we introduced through the years :

  • Co-inventor of the QA Technology X-Probe series of probes
  • Fast frame
  • iTech vaccum box
  • Lid shell
  • Production equipment
  • Production software
  • Quantum test fixture
  • Side access


Selling, delivering and offering support just about everywhere in the world

Rematek test fixtures are used around the world, be it in North America (Canada, United States, Mexico), South America (Brasil), Europe (Hungary), Australia or Asia (China). We ship to virtually any address in the world. We also have partners located in various parts of the world who are ready to provide on-site support for our products when the need arise.


Take the virtual tour of our facility

To learn even more on Rematek ability at fabricating quickly quality automated test solutions, take the virtual tour of our facility.

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