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Functional test fixture

Turn-key functional / mechanical fixtures

Custom built test solutions for any products requiring functional testing

Rematek: An expert in the manufacturing of functional test solutions

In addition or as a replacement to in-circuit testing, functional testing is widely used in the electronic test industry. In most cases, functional tests imply the manufacturing of an electro/mechanical solution to interface the product to test with the measurement equipment. But in the simplest cases, the built solution can take the form of a strictly mechanical standalone product for "as used" functional testing (no measurement is performed).

From simple standalone mechanical fixtures to more complex ones interfacing with test equipment and software, Rematek manufactures innovative and reliable custom test solutions who meet customer requirements. Rematek also sells measurement equipment such as LED analyzers and audio sensing devices for microphones and speakers.

Mildly complex fixture to interface with measurement equipment for the testing of a PCB. Rear view.Simple solution taking the form of a case which allows to test the correct operation of an electronic moduleFixture base with pneumatic cylinders for the actuation of switches on the circuit board to test. LED analyzers on the sides measure the color and intensity of light transmitted by the optical fibers (red wires).Simple solution for testing 12 small PCB powered by AAA batteries. The whole is wired to an interface card which allows the taking of measurements via a computer.

Examples of products manufactured by Rematek

Our capabilities include:

  • Design and manufacturing of complex solutions to interface with test equipment and software
  • Design and manufacturing of standalone mechanical solutions
  • Design and manufacturing of solutions utilizing final product enclosure for "as used" functional testing
  • Design and manufacturing of whatever custom solution is needed to test a specific product
  • Switch actuation and rotation utilizing manual and automated methods
  • LED analyzers
  • Audio sensing devices for microphones and speakers
  • Automated bar code detection
  • RF shielded fixturing
  • Machining division for the manufacturing of parts for your project


Cutting-edge manufacturing and design

Our qualified engineers know how to design a good quality product that will meet customer requirements while respecting the budget and deadlines.

Complex projects are designed using a 3D CAD program. This allows Rematek to send CAD files to the customer for a virtual showing of all the parts of the product, how they interface together and how the unit under test will fit into it. The customer can therefore inspect the product from every angle, simulate its operations and ask for modifications or additions while it is still a computer file rather than do it on the actual product; saving time, money and avoiding misunderstandings.

3D drawing versus the final product

3D drawing versus the final product

For simpler or lower budget projects, Rematek generally designs using in-house developed software: DrillCAD. This software has been specifically developed for the electronic test industry and allows rapid 2D designs of projects on a tight budget, while keeping the design quality. The customer is kept informed throughout the entire project to ensure that the solution developed meets all his/her requirements. CAD files of the project can be sent to the customer for examination (a DrillCAD viewer is provided).

DrillCAD drawing versus the final product

DrillCAD drawing versus the final product

Such projects often require the manufacturing of custom parts. Since Rematek owns a machining division offering all necessary services, this simplifies and centralizes your purchasing process. The machined parts can be as complex as necessary and with a finishing touch, the parts will give a professional-looking aspect to the final product. Professionally machined parts also bring better reliability and ease of use to the developed solution.

Examples of parts machined by Rematek machining division for functional test solutions. The materials used include aluminum, steel, brass and glass epoxy laminate.

Examples of parts machined by Rematek machining division for functional test solutions

Rematek has many years of experience at manufacturing functional test solutions. Its production is well organized, every step of the manufacturing process is done with attention to detail and the whole operation is overseen by the production manager and engineer assigned to the project. The real-time monitoring of the production via an ERP software ensures that the budget and time allocated to the project are met.


A personalized approach

When a new project is started, a team is assigned to it. That team will be in charge of the design, coordination, manufacturing and quality assurance of the whole project. This ensures consistency in the project development and allows a customer to stay in touch with the same persons throughout the entire project.

Whenever possible, we are always happy to greet our visiting customers to discuss his/her project and to also allow them to visit the production floor to inspect their advancing project.


Need more information?

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact a Rematek representative who will gladly answer your questions. There are no projects that are too small or unusual for which to design a functional test solution.

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